The Stunt Pro Driving Experience is a full on course designed to perfect your technique with a challenging set of automated stunts. You will receive one-to-one instruction on each manouvre trying your hand at high speed J-turns, handbrake 180 degree spins and rolling donuts.


This is a skillful excercise which focuses on throttle control, combined with correct and acurate counter-steering to keep the carin a perfectly balanced slide. Much like a professional driver would be required to perform on set..
Incredible Stunt Action!!


Plus your experience will include x 2 Ariel Atom OR Dodge Viper SRT Hot Lap


Experience is for one person and takes place in Midlands or Lancashire.  Bookings are on selected dates subject to availaiblity and take place between March – November. Age restrictions, must be over 12. Valid 12 months from date of purchase